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Derby Central Salvation Army - (Hall - 01332 291694)     -     (Pastors - 01332 513948)

The Salvation Army is often perceived purely as a charity, and its status as a Church is often overlooked. Hopefully, through these pages you will come to understand that our mission is to provide assistance to those that need it, providing for their physical and spiritual needs.

The Salvation Army is also the largest provider of social care in the UK, after the Government. Browsing this part of the website will give you a idea of what the Salvation Army is all about.

i.e. why we wear a uniform and why we don’t drink, smoke etc.


Please feel free to click on the links to the right and read through the pages, if you have any questions please do hesitate to contact us.

Derby Central 100 Years 1882 - 1982 (Century of service Brochure)

What we Believe