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MUSIC in the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army today is renowned worldwide for its brass bands and choirs, more usually called songsters. Since music is an integral part of Salvation Army church services, many Corps (churches) have choirs and bands which participate in Sunday worship services.

At Derby Central we really are blessed with talented sections, from the youngest YP Band member to the oldest songster each member gives their time voluntary.

We hope by our playing and singing we can be more effective for instruments for God, and by the playing / Singing of the music will see others seeking The Lord as there own personal Saviour.

Young Peoples Band

The aim of the band is not to teach the youngsters how to play a musical instrument but to guide them and teach them to learn and understand more about God and how they can be more effective for Him through the playing of music.

The YP Band recorded a CD in the 2005 "Teach Me" this CD is now available to buy at a cost of £10, all the proceed of this CD will be split with £5 going to the Young Peoples Band and the other £5 going to the corps building .

The YP band members worked very hard on this project, to view pictures and even video footage of the making of the CD click on the link at the top of this page and you will be redirected.

Singing Company

The 'Singing Company' is the Salvation Army's name for its Junior Choir. We have members aged between 7 and 18 years of age, we meet every Wednesday evening for rehearsal.

We contribute to the weekly services by singing music to praise and worship God, and to encourage all those listening to do the same.

Being in the Singing Company offers us freedom to praise and worship God in our own youthful style with modern and not so modern music.

There is no pressure to join the Singing Company. It's purely voluntary. Every one of the members has decided to follow Jesus and wears the Salvation Army Junior Soldier uniform to show others that we have made that promise. We give our time and talents freely because we want to use the talents God has given us to tell others of His love for everyone.